cool to take you through elementary

14 modules
7 hours
7 weeks

Status Price(#)
Regular 12000
Corper 8000
Intern 6000
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HTML5 is the new standard of HTML. It has enhanced features for programmers as well as for users. Users will not have to use a Flash plug-in for video and audio content

16 modules
35 hours
5 weeks

Status Price(#)
Regular 20,000
Corper 15,000
Intern 5,000
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jQuery is a fast and concise JavaScript library

10 modules
28 hours
4 weeks

Status Price(#)
Regular 10,000
Corper 5,000
Intern 5,000
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adobe Muse helps create gorgeous responsive HTML5 websites without writing code.

8 modules
24 hours
4 weeks

Status Price(#)
Regular 25,000
Corper 12,500
Intern 12,500
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