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Our Uniqueness

Delsmy is an innovation and incubation center commited to enlarging IT adequacy for our talents; multiplying availability of IT talent, minimizing technology operational costs and meeting hardware & software needs for our clients both locally and internationally.

1. Learn what companies need.

Our accelerator platform combines pragmatic tech-driven courses that are tailored towards solving real-life challenges faced by companies and organisations today. Our intricate and thorough learning curve are duly delivered by our unique mentorship strategy.

3. Get Hired!.

After the completion of your delsmy talent accelerator programme, you will have access to career opportunities. We will either retain you to work as an adjoining or remote member of our engineering team or place you on the deslmy artificial intelligence-based job board for an optimal ranking selection process by local and international companies.

Delsmy for Business

Delsmy is developing talents for today's workforce. Let's make something cool together. Join the revolution

Build Course

Interested in Hosting a course on Delsmy? Get paid sharing your technical knowledge and empower thousands of talents.

Hire Talents

Smart and Intelligent Talents are power house of any company, we pride ourself to host top notch African Talents.

Become Talents

Interested in starting a career in technology our well crafted courses is created to harness your potential to the maximum.

200 Courses
20 Mentors
person_add 900 Interns
120 Jobs


Our payment plans are very flexible and it spans within two to three payment plans. You can chat with us or call 08035361917 for more info.
Choose a course of your choice from our course catalog, register and we will get back to you..
The Delsmy program spans for a minimum of 1 year to 2 years. The first 6 months Incubation Program is set aside to train students on how to code from scratch with a further period of 6 months for advance mentorship only open as a scholarship to students that passed excellently at the first incubation period. There is a further level that also accepts students as a working intern which grant them access to paid benefits for working with global firms.
Yes, we will help our outstanding interns secure either a full time job, part-time job, internship and freelance jobs after completing their incubation program.
We have deloyed a close mentorhip programme with our students so as to gian experience from Senior Engineers and Developers.
It is very imperative for any applicant to have a working and stable PC due to the rigidness of our incubation process.

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